February 18th: Help Lead the Charge for National Battery Day

February 18th: Help Lead the Charge for National Battery Day

Batteries power our world! From laptops to cellphones and more – batteries are an integral part of our daily lives. As responsible users, we have the opportunity to do the right thing when our batteries reach their end-of-life – recycle them!

National Battery Day on February 18th spotlights how battery recycling is easy, convenient and helps protect our environment by keeping them out of landfills. LG Electronics recognizes this, and has partnered with Call2Recycle, so our customers can recycle their rechargeable batteries safely. If you have rechargeable batteries that are no longer working, you can drop them off at one of Call2Recycle’s retailer collection sites at no cost. To find a Call2Recycle drop-off location, click here or call 1-877-2-RECYCLE (1-877-273-2925) to learn more.

Here are other things you can do to raise awareness for National Battery Day:

1.  Encourage your friends, family, and co-workers to recycle used household batteries at participating drop-off sites found on Call2Recycle’s website here.

2.  Share your battery recycling efforts on Twitter, Facebook  and LinkedIn using hashtags #NationalBatteryDay, #ChargeUp2018 and #LGrecycles.

3.  Educate and help spread awareness on battery recycling.



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