Q. Are cell phones and other handheld devices included in the LG program?

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Q. Are cell phones and other handheld devices included in the LG program?

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    Q. Why did LG develop the LG Electronics Recycling Program?

      A. To save energy and prevent excess pollution and waste. There has been amazing growth in the electronics industry over the last few decades. LG Electronics has benefited from that growth. But we realize that consumers are left with few options for disposal when their electronic products are broken, obsolete or unwanted. Recycling prevents usable parts from going into landfills, reduces the need for extraction or production of new materials and saves energy. So we see this as an opportunity to provide a service to our customers as well as a means to make our manufacturing more sustainable. LG Electronics …

      Q. What happens to my old product after I drop it off?

        A. Our Recyclers will collect LG-brand products, transport them to one of their U.S. regional recycling centers and break the product down into saleable materials such as plastics, metals and glass. Downstream vendors will further process the materials into reusable forms and new products will be made. LG Electronics hopes to recycle these same materials back into its own products.

        Q. What do I do with my unwanted appliances?

          A. Recycle it. First, check with your electric company to see if they offer a payment program (they may offer you a rebate to replace your old, inefficient appliance). Since some payment programs have required specifications for appliances (e.g., must be in working condition, of a certain date and/or dimension), you may also need to confirm that your appliance is acceptable. If you are buying a new appliance, check with your retailer to see if they will remove your old appliance when they deliver the new one. According to the Appliance Recycling Information Center (ARIC) 97% of retailers will remove …

          Q. What do I do with my rechargeable lithium ion batteries?

            A. Recycle them. LG Electronics U.S.A. Inc. currently has a contract to recycle LG-brand lithium ion batteries with Call2Recycle. If your battery is not working you should drop it off at one of Call2Recycle’s retailer collection sites or mail it to them. If you have a working cell phone that you wish to send postage-free to LG’s recycler, make sure you drain the battery and turn the phone off before mailing. Any brand of cell phone may be shipped to LG’s recycler free of charge. Recycling information on non-working rechargeable lithium ion batteries: – http://www.call2recycle.org/call2recycle or call toll free 877-723-1297 …

            2012 May 5th – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

              Time: 8am – 4pm Location: Oklahoma State Fair Park Exit I-44 at NW 10th Street Follow the signs to the drop-off site

              2012 March 25th – New Orleans, Louisiana

                Time: 10am – 4pm Location: Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Parking Lot 4 (Home of the 2012 NCAA Men’s Final Four and Championship Men’s Basketball Games, March 31-April 2)

                2012 Jan 16th – Girard College, Pennsylvania

                  Time: 9am – 1pm Location: 2101 N. College Ave, Philadelphia